We are always looking for:.

  • Watchmakers and Precision Lathes & Accessories
  • Bushing Tools
  • Depthing Tools
  • Spring Winders
  • Dividing Heads
  • Indexing Attachments
  • Small Horizontal  & Vertical Mills & Accessories
  • Horological Gear Cutters
  • Any Clock or Watch Related Machinery & Hand Tools

Please contact us if you have any clock related tools or precision machinery that you would like to sell.
A few examples of what we are looking for:
Levin - Boley - Peerless - Marshall - Derbyshire - Moseley - Pultra
    lathes, milling attachments, crosslides, collets, chucks
Tools and machinery from  Aciera - Hardinge - Chronos - Cameron - Bergeon - Dixie - Favorite - Keystone - Thornton

 Levin 8mm jewelers lathe with Levin cross slide and countershaft.

Please contact us:

Winships' Pieces of Time
59 South York Rd
Hatboro, PA 19040

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