This clock is just fun. A kind of clock that would fit in a vacation house or a den. It is made with the love of creating. It has a battery operated movement. If you like new artistic creations this clock may be for you. It could be hung on a wall or placed on a table or mantle. It stands 23" tall  6" deep and 13 3/4" wide. I have carved some of the things inside and rescued some of the other items. I hammered, sawed, painted, glued, and stained the rest. This clock has a definite nautical motif. The face is a simple yet graceful picture of a yacht with soft colors. The pendulum is an old fishing lure with three sets of triple hooks that I found in a shop in Lake Placid, NY. There is a small framed picture of the Constitution and a wooden (nonfunctioning) compass that I carved from a piece of wood.  My favorite part is the ocean scene that I reverse-painted on the glass door. 

$325.00      #007001M